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  We recommend you to get a qualified tradesman to lay your stencil concrete surface. It is important that your decorative concrete is properly constructed to ensure a long, hassle free lifespan. We have a number of recommended quality tradesmen in the Newcastle and Hunter regions. Please contact us for details.

The directions for stencil patterning below are to be used as a guide only. There are different circumstances that may require different techniques to produce the best possible decorative surface. We also recommend you use genuine Hunter Press Crete products for your job to ensure the best possible results.

If you are having trouble with an existing stencil pattern surface, see our FAQ page or contact us.

How do you make Stencil Pattern Concrete?

1.  Form up the area to be concreted at a depth of 100mm. We advise that you place and additional 50 – 100mm of compacted sand under the proposed area to be concreted

2.  Put your reinforcing steel in place. Be sure to use bar chairs and that they have adequate lap for reinforcing steel

3.  Pour concrete and screed it smooth. Then use a bullfloat to complete the effect

4.  If you wish to have cracker-joint construction joints, place them into the concrete now. If you wish to have saw-cut construction joints, wait until after the job is completed

5.  Unroll the stencil and place it squarely onto the concrete (stencil can also be applied at a 45
° angle) and cut it to size. After placing the stencil onto the concrete surface it must be rolled or trowelled into the surface. Do not apply the stencil when the concrete is too wet or the stencil will sink into the concrete too far and will result in broken edges when removed

6.  Now you have to apply the colour. Put your concrete colour into a bucket and throw the colour onto the concrete surface using a turning motion (like ‘feeding the chooks’). Be sure to distribute colour evenly over the surface

7.  Trowel the colour into the surface using a float of your choice. Then repeat step 5 and trowel the colour in again to suit the finish you want

8.  When the concrete if firm enough (but not completely dry – usually 3-4 hours after laying the stencil), gently pull the stencil off the surface

9.  An air broom is generally used to clean the concrete surface, but sweeping it the next day with a normal broom will also be sufficient
Use saw cuts to allow expansion of the concrete. Jointex is not recommended as the concrete sealer melts it and this will result in staining of the surface

10. Apply a concrete sealer about four days after the job is completed. Ensure that the surface is completely dry and if possible avoid humid or overcast conditions. If you want to apply the sealer the same day, or if you wish to apply it in wet or very humid conditions, use “wet sealer”. This will avoid the surface turning ‘milky’


For directions on how to care for your stencil concrete, please see our FAQ page