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  We recommend you to get a qualified tradesman to apply your spray-on flowcoat concrete surface. It is important that it is properly constructed to ensure a long, hassle free lifespan. We have a number of recommended quality tradesmen in the Newcastle and Hunter regions. Please contact us for details.

The directions for creating spray-on flowcoat below are to be used as a guide only. There are different circumstances that may require different techniques to produce the best possible decorative surface. Flowcoat patterning requires high quality materials, so we recommend you only use genuine Hunter Press Crete products for your job to ensure the best possible results.

If you are having trouble with an existing spray-on flowcoat surface, see our FAQ page or contact us.

Spanish Tile Pattern with Bloodstone Spray-On Flowcoat Colour


How do you apply spray-on Flowcoat?

The Formula
To make spray-on Hunter Press Crete Flowcoat, simply mix 1 bag of Flowcoat colour to 4 litres of activator
. This mixture is applied with a hopper gun, which is powered by an air compressor at a pressure of 30-40 psi

How do you apply Flowcoat?
Please Note: Flowcoat is a polymer based concrete product. It is strongly advised that it is NOT applied where the air temperature exceeds 33C.

1.  The concrete surface must be thoroughly clean. Cleaning is usually done by scrubbing the surface or high pressure water blasting and then washing it with a solution of 8 parts water to 1 part hydrochloric acid (nb: this solution may be further diluted to suit particular surfaces, such as coloured concrete)

2.  Wash again with water

3.  After surface is dry, apply a solution of 1 part activator to 5 parts water. This solution acts as a primer

4.  Lay the stencil pattern on the concrete surface. The stencil is held in place using blu-tack. Wood can also be used to further secure the stencil to the surface

5.  Mix the flowcoat (ie. 1 bag of flowcoat to 4 litres activator)

6. If required, activator may be diluted prior to adding to mixture to a MAXIMUM ratio of 3:1 (3 parts activator to 1 part water)

7. During seasonal perieods where temperatures generally exceed 25 degrees (c) it is recommended that you add 75ml (1 bottle) of retarder per 4 litres of activator. This will slow the hardening process and give you more time to spray the mix onto the concrete surface.

8.  Pour the flowcoat into the hopper gun (nb. only half fill hopper gun or mixture may be too heavy to use and also may harden prematurely)

9.  Spray flowcoat directly onto the concrete surface (nb. one bag of flowcoat should cover approximately 18-20 square metres. Spraying the product achieved a textured finish

10.  If you wish to achieve a smooth surface, you can do so by TROWELLING the Flowcoat into the surface (if you wish to do this, disregard steps 6 & 7)

11.  When dry, remove stencil

12. Clean flowcoat residue using an air broom or normal broom

13. Apply Hunter Press Crete high gloss sealer after two days


For directions on how to care for your spray-on concrete, please see our FAQ page